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Strategic Homes Group, Inc. provides a variety of services which include:

Basement Lowering
Footing and Foundations
Concrete Porch
Bench Footings
Internal Waterproofing
Basement Walk-Outs
Crawl Spaces
Basement Plumbing
Weeping Tile
Sump Pits
Sump Pumps
Sewer Ejector Pumps
Custom Homes
Structural Steel Beam
Structural Post Installation

Who we help!

We work with multiple disciplines in the construction and real estate industries. Let us know which sector you’re affiliated with and we will create a strategic solution to suit your need!



We at SHG understand the basic needs of homeowners. The process starts by preparing a detailed scope of work. Providing precise pricing with no hidden cost. Defining a firm time frame for finishing the entire scope of work. This has allowed us to help over 1100 Home owners who have become our loyal advocates. SHG is a vertically integrated company which passes on savings to you.

Architectural & Engineering Firms

SHG has over 18 years of experience. This allows us to quickly and efficiently handle any unforeseen changes in scope of work minimizing your work hours at the job site. Least amount of call backs for the scope of work as we understand your time is valuable. SHG is a vertically integrated company which passes on savings to you.

Builders & Developers

SHG has a large crew of long-tenured employees. We have dedicated site managers who will efficiently work with your Project managers. Hence ensuring your deadlines are met. SHG is a vertically integrated company which passes on savings to you.



Blog: Footings and Foundations

A traditional foundation method to support a structure in an area where the ground freezes. A footing is placed below the frost line and then the walls are added on top. The footing is wider than the wall, providing extra support at the base of the foundation. A T-shaped foundation is placed and allowed to [...]

Blog: Porches and Basement Slab

In most areas, a concrete patio begins with 4 inches of compacted stone. The difference is the depth you dig before you pour. Concrete Porches Photo copyright Strategic Homes Group, Inc. Installation Guide If you install a concrete patio, dig out a space 8 inches deep; 4 inches for the some, another 4 inches for [...]

Blog: Waterproofing

Following are reasons for getting water proofing done for your basement: Eliminate water seepage, Eliminate moisture in a basement and stop mould, musty odors and other allergies. To preserve the structural integrity of your foundation and eliminate deterioration of your foundation walls. Save thousands of dollars in expensive foundation repairs. Reinforce your foundation as water [...]

Blog: Underpinning

Underpinning has two essential benefits. First, it creates added height to your existing foundation, which in turn adds 100% usable living space to your basement. Second giving your home an added selling feature for re-sale and increasing the value of your home. Doing It Right The First Time! Photo copyright Strategic Homes Group, Inc. Benefits [...]

Footings and Foundations Case Study Strategic Homes img1

“I have bought several properties in the past. Strategic Homes Group has been my go to builder. They collaborated with my Architects and engineers to turn each vision into reality. They provided a detailed scope of work and fair pricing. Deadlines were always adhered to. I would not hesitate to recommend them to my friends and family”.

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